Just a sunday morning

Just saw that nothing happend on this blog for about 2 months. In the last 2 months, I was in New Zealand and Japan and have a lot of pictures I still have to look through. Hopefully, I'll post some of them soon.

Meanwhile, the next semester started and I'm now officially a master student with a completed bachelor of science.
But yeah, this morning, I went with my sister and a friend to Hamburgs fish-market and bought some fruit and fish. While some people in middle or southern Germany are already posting pics of the first snow, it's pretty nice in Hamburg today. It's cold all right, but we have a blue sky and some still warm sunrays.

With the mackerel I bought, I tried to make Kabayaki-Don. Thats basically the fish grilled with a sweet soy sauce put on top of rice (Wikipedia: Kabayaki, Donburi).
For the grilling, I tried to use a sort of frying pan with a grill attached on top of it. It didn't work at all, since it didn't get hot. Probably need a gas-stove (with FIRE) for that, which I unfortunately don't have. Just used a frying pan after that.

Well, and now I probably should do some home-work. Yay.

Out at night

Sometimes, I'm outside at night still having a camera on me and see something nice I then try to photograph without a tripod. Works fine as long as you can put the camera on the ground, but trying to hold the shutter for a minute with your hand didn't work out that well.

The moon I actually took standing with quite a high shutter speed. It looks blurry though, because I had to crop a lot to get it that big. The second picture is Hamburg a few nights ago, where I just laid the camera on the ground to make a long exposure. Third one I made yesterday night at a friends birthday outside the city, where I was reminded of how many stars you can see without all the lights in the city.

It didn't turn out as I hoped, because I had to hold the shutter whilst an exposure time of over a minute.
Hopefully, I'll soon get another chance of taking pictures of stars outside the city.

Oh, I need a new passport photograph

So I needed a new passport and had no nice pictures left. In addition, they had to meet some biometric guidelines.

Normally, I'd go to some shop, where four pictures would be taken, from which I would choose the least ugliest one and get four prints of that for 12€. Scroll down and you can laugh at my last passport photo.

Since I have some camera equipment which cost way too much and I use way to little, I thought, why not try it yourself and get a decent photograph for once.
Well, I took a lot of pictures of myself, chose the only one that looked okay, placed my face in the frame while regarding the requirements for biometric photographs and it was done!
And yeah, got rid of my acne infestation in the process.

With the file on a USB drive, I went to the nearest grocery store and printed the picture with those cheap print-your-holiday-pictures machine. Cost me less than 1€ for 18 pictures.

And since this picture got accepted for my new passport, I finally have a nice picture I can produce in mass and use for identification stuff from now on.
Pretty happy with that.

I looked around for reasons I shouldn't put the following images on the internet and found none, and I don't really see why I shouldn't, but if you have reasonable concerns I should take them off, please tell me so.


A week ago, a friend had her birthday and a bunch of us celebrated that in the park. In the middle of the night.

We had a full moon, but it chose to shine elsewhere the most of the time, so we had some fun grilling in the dark. We ate, drank, ran around, and sometime around 4 a.m. we made us breakfast with left-over sausages and beer.

I also tried out some multiple-exposure photographs with a flash-light.

Well, altogether, it was a fun night.

Also, I'll try out blogging in English from now on.
Different reasons, from following the trend of some friends, to solving my problem in being readable from e.g. Japan, but also wanting to improve my English.