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Tsukiji Fish Market

The Tsukiji Fish Market is Japans biggest fish market and every tourist guide of Tokyo has at least one page mentioning it. Also, before the market starts, there is the tuna-auctioning, where big fat frozen tunas are auctioned to other stores, restaurants and all the shops in the fish market.

I went to the market before, but hadn't seen the auctioning yet, which is limited to 120 people per day (but is for free).
Since trains stop in Tokyo between 1 and 4 a.m., a friend and I went after some eating and drinking for a long walk down to the fish market (we could've stayed in some place near the fish market too, there are a lot of places in Tokyo to spend the night). Arriving around 2:30, the guard told us that we should come back around 3:30 to get into the auctioning. After some waiting at the river nearby, we went back at 3:20 to see already some tourists lining up.
Well, more tourists came, at 4 we were let inside, waited another hour and at 5:20, the first group of 60 people were let in to see the lined up tuna and some auctioning. I think, the small tunas were around 300kg and the big ones... well, no idea, but probably double or triple the weight. And prices start at 1500 Yen per kilo, and I have no idea how much they go up with the quality.

After the auctioning, we walked around the shops outside the main market hall, since tourists are allowed in there from 9 a.m.
Sleep derived, we ate some fishy breakfast, waited another hour and went into the main hall, where we were mostly trying to survive the small vehicles driving around everywhere.
Well, if you want to see a lot of fish, maybe even eat or buy some, this is a place worth to go. And if not, it's still a interesting place I would always return to.

20130912-IMG_0533 copy

Tuna auctioning. This was before the auction, when the buyers walked around inspecting the fish.


You can see here, that the tail is cut of and a part of the flesh is almost cut of. Thats the part where buyers look at the flesh to determine the quality of the fish. I have no idea though how exactly they do it.


These vehicles transport all the goods around the market - and there are a lot of them. You have to watch out, because they don't slow down for you. As a tourist here, you are observing a busy work-place, so you should try your best not to disturb the sale.

20130912-IMG_0598 copy

A temple beside the market, where buyers/sellers come to pray, a guide-book said. On the right, you see Katsuobushi, which are bonito flakes, made from dried bonito fish.


These are the dried bonito fish the Katsuobushi are shaved from.


In the outer market, a lot of Tamagoyaki where made. Tourists can also enjoy the still warm, freshly made egg-rolls.


Sold Tuna.


Wasabi. I bet a lot of you didn't know what it looks like.


In the outer market, there are also a lot of (sushi-)restaurants. A cook enjoying breakfast behind the shop.

20130912-IMG_0621 copy



Oh, my breakfast. Kaisendon, which is a rice bowl with various raw fish on top.


Inside the main market hall.

20130912-IMG_0637 copy
20130912-IMG_0638 copy
20130912-IMG_0643 copy
20130912-IMG_0652 copy
20130912-IMG_0668 copy
20130912-IMG_0675 copy
20130912-IMG_0683 copy

This guy is cutting frozen fish (probably tuna) with an electric saw. You see these saws everywhere here, because the small shops buy the frozen tuna in the auctioning and cut those in smaller pieces for selling.

20130912-IMG_0687 copy

Places I went lately – Japan

Hi. Maybe you've just seen my blog post about New Zealand. Japan was right after that. In fact, I was going to Japan (as I do almost every year) and booked the flight with a stop-over in New Zealand to visit a friend.

So this was also last year, end of September and a bit of October. This time, I was in Tokyo all the time and didn't go anywhere far away. I met a lot of friends, ate a lot and didn't take that many pictures - still, I've got some I'll post here.

20120924-IMG_5875 copy

A temple near where my mother lives.

20120924-IMG_5895 copy

Same temple including a grave-yard.

20120926-IMG_5977 copy

I think the left one is at the Meiji temple in Harajuku. Right picture I took in some park.


This is part of the Sensoji. Big temple in Asakusa with a lot of tourists.


Omikuji at the Sensoji temple. You draw a random one and it tells you your fortune.

20120928-IMG_6066 copy

Sensoji temple vs. Tokyu Plaza in Harajuku.


Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower as seen from Odaiba.


I think this is the Fuji TV-Station in Odaiba. Mainly, I just like the picture.

20121001-IMG_6116 copy

Tokyo Sky Tree. Open since May 2012 and replacing the Tokyo Tower as a broadcasting tower (I think). 634m high, has a whole shopping mall at the bottom and a lot of people wanting to get to the top. And the view from up there.


People looking down.


Again in Asakusa, this time in the evening. I like Asakusa in summer-evenings, when there are mostly only a few local people strolling around. Near the Sensoji is a street with a lot of small, traditional japanese Izakayas (pubs) where you can enjoy beer and food!


An after-work stroll at the temple.

20121001-IMG_6266 copy

Yeah, still here.

20121001-IMG_6274 copy

And again. Sensoji. From here, you have also a quite good view on the Tokyo Sky Tree. But then, you can probably see the Sky Tree from anywhere in central Tokyo.


Somewhere... I think this was in the Imperial Garden or somewhere around Tokyo Station.


コロッケ! Japanese croquettes. They are sold in convenience stores and sometimes on the street as snacks. Yummy.


This is the Buddha statue in Kamakura, a bit south of Tokyo.

20121009-IMG_6400 copy

Again. With my sister.


Three different kinds of Soba! (buckwheat noodles)


せんべい (Senbei), japanese rice crackers.






Cute statues. This is all still in Kamakura, as the following pictures (until said otherwise). There are a lot of temples and shrines in Kamakura, plus Enoshima (small island connected with a bridge, a lot of visitors and nice for a day-trip) is nearby.


Again, 'Korokke'. This time filled with black sesame paste, very tasty.


Tokyo Disney Sea, with halloween decorations.

20121010-IMG_6543 copy



What the heck. Since I'm not producing any worthy content at the moment, I might just put my food in here.

That said, with my rather tight budget right now, I'm kinda always just making rice with something. So you might've read that I bought some mackerels this morning. For dinner, I made me Takikomi-Gohan (炊き込みご飯).
This is just japanese rice cooked with stuff. Vegetables, mushrooms, meat, fish. There are some established variations in the japanese cuisine, but you could also just be creative.

So I've made it with mackerel, which I first fried with butter and soy-sauce (and a hint of ginger. I love ginger). As you can see, I've also put in some carrots and something green (I like it colorful).
After cooking, just mix everything (yeah, destroy the fish) and voila, done.
Since there was enough flavor in the fish, I didn't put extra seasoning into the rice.

Just a sunday morning

Just saw that nothing happend on this blog for about 2 months. In the last 2 months, I was in New Zealand and Japan and have a lot of pictures I still have to look through. Hopefully, I'll post some of them soon.

Meanwhile, the next semester started and I'm now officially a master student with a completed bachelor of science.
But yeah, this morning, I went with my sister and a friend to Hamburgs fish-market and bought some fruit and fish. While some people in middle or southern Germany are already posting pics of the first snow, it's pretty nice in Hamburg today. It's cold all right, but we have a blue sky and some still warm sunrays.

With the mackerel I bought, I tried to make Kabayaki-Don. Thats basically the fish grilled with a sweet soy sauce put on top of rice (Wikipedia: Kabayaki, Donburi).
For the grilling, I tried to use a sort of frying pan with a grill attached on top of it. It didn't work at all, since it didn't get hot. Probably need a gas-stove (with FIRE) for that, which I unfortunately don't have. Just used a frying pan after that.

Well, and now I probably should do some home-work. Yay.


A week ago, a friend had her birthday and a bunch of us celebrated that in the park. In the middle of the night.

We had a full moon, but it chose to shine elsewhere the most of the time, so we had some fun grilling in the dark. We ate, drank, ran around, and sometime around 4 a.m. we made us breakfast with left-over sausages and beer.

I also tried out some multiple-exposure photographs with a flash-light.

Well, altogether, it was a fun night.

Also, I'll try out blogging in English from now on.
Different reasons, from following the trend of some friends, to solving my problem in being readable from e.g. Japan, but also wanting to improve my English.