Oh, I need a new passport photograph

So I needed a new passport and had no nice pictures left. In addition, they had to meet some biometric guidelines.

Normally, I'd go to some shop, where four pictures would be taken, from which I would choose the least ugliest one and get four prints of that for 12€. Scroll down and you can laugh at my last passport photo.

Since I have some camera equipment which cost way too much and I use way to little, I thought, why not try it yourself and get a decent photograph for once.
Well, I took a lot of pictures of myself, chose the only one that looked okay, placed my face in the frame while regarding the requirements for biometric photographs and it was done!
And yeah, got rid of my acne infestation in the process.

With the file on a USB drive, I went to the nearest grocery store and printed the picture with those cheap print-your-holiday-pictures machine. Cost me less than 1€ for 18 pictures.

And since this picture got accepted for my new passport, I finally have a nice picture I can produce in mass and use for identification stuff from now on.
Pretty happy with that.

I looked around for reasons I shouldn't put the following images on the internet and found none, and I don't really see why I shouldn't, but if you have reasonable concerns I should take them off, please tell me so.